Employee Safe Driving Awards

Ties in nicely with the annual safe driving week which runs from Oct 7-11 as promoted by NETS.

The new buckle-up reminder products have been designed to provide added comfort for your employees when driving. See our reviews on Amazon:

The Best Seatbelt Adjuster out there
Don't buy anything else. This is the toughest seatbelt adjuster out there. It will not fall off like other products. -- Brenda Rogers

Great product!
This is a fantastic product! It does exactly what it is supposed to do and nothing more. It keeps the seatbelt from rubbing your neck; it doesn't fall off when you unhook the seatbelt; and it doesn't keep the seatbelt from retracting when you get out of the car. I love simple things that solve real problems. -- Kathleen W Shepherd


A great spring event for your company to tie into is the annual NHTSA spring "click-it or ticket" mobilization campaign. A great fall event is the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) Drive Safely Work Week. View the full calendar here.

We have heard of CEO's handing out doughnuts and coffee to employees in the parking lot when they are found wearing their seat-belt. Buckle up reminders could be given out at the same time.

Our Vision

Our Vision and reason why we created the new “Buckle up” and “Buckle Up Angel Logo” of 
Auto Accessory Products is that in manufacturing and marketing the Seatbelt Adjuster over many 
years, I have had a chance to research a assortment of material published through the National 
Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA). Through my research I have discovered the 
shocking statistics that over 56% of Teenage Fatalities are found “unbuckled”. Through the 
Teen Driver Source they state that 66% of Teens killed in crashes were not wearing seatbelts. 
Our Automotive Accessory Products will carry the “Buckle Up” Message and the “Buckle Up 
Angel” Logo to remind the Driver and Passengers to Buckle Up Every Trip, Every Time. I 
believe our products will be excellent tools for parents to purchase to remind their Teenagers 
and Passengers to “Buckle Up” as well Teenagers may also purchase these products to remind 
their Parents who have not made it a habit to “Buckle Up”. 
We also believe that Children in the rear seats, after seeing the message enough times, will have 
engrained in their minds the importance of Buckling Up every Trip Every Time, thus reducing 
the statistics of Teenage Fatalities when they become of driving age. 
Some of The Auto Accessory Products that will carry the new Buckle-up brand and message will be as follows: 
  • Our Seatbelt Adjuster and Shoulder Strap Sleeves
  • Seat covers & Floor Mats, (especially in the back Seat Covers for Tweens) 
  • Sunglass and Pen Holder
  • Key chains (plastic, rubber, metal)
  • Travel Mugs, Coffee Cups, Water Bottles and Holders 
  • Air Fresheners and Notepads
  • Waste Bags and Containers 
  • Decals for the DVD Players and Children’s Helmets as well as Corporate Forklifts and Vehicles 
  • Window Clings (on front windshield where the Oil Change Reminders are located as well as on the passenger side and/or on the inside front and rear windows above the door handles. They can also be used with corporate vehicles) 
 There will be more products that can be included in the line as the brand is further developed. 
We are open to product ideas. Some of our Social Media Plans are to target Teenage Driver 
Education Classes, Safety Programs Nationwide and Networking with the NHTSA Network Base 
i.e. Lifesavers Conference, Governors Highway Safety Association etc. We would like to 
capitalize on all the media that is created with NHTSA’s America “Buckle Up” and “Click it or 
Ticket” Campaigns that run annually in the spring as well as and National Child Safety Week. 
We are very excited to have a Brand that goes hand and Glove with NHTSA’s initiative to 
“Buckle Up Every Trip Every Time”, as well as being able to offer the Media Human Interest 
Stories that they can relate to their Audience. 
For enquiries please e-mail: masterlink@shaw.ca

For more in-depth information on the seat belt adjuster history form conception until now click here.