Oil Buddy Benefits and Uses

Introducing the new Oil Buddy family of pour spouts, Oil Buddy 1 and Oil Buddy 2.

Oil Buddy 1 is designed to fit the 1Qrt/1Lt bottles and Oil Buddy 2 fits standard 4 to 6 Qt containers as well as standard 4 Lt / 1 gal containers of windshield wash and antifreeze coolant.

User Friendly & Environmentally Safe

  • no more dripping of oil onto hot engines
  • no more dirty or scratched hands
  • no more messy spills
  • build in breaker tooth to remove seal
  • use two hands to control the bottle
  • perfect for hard to get at places
  • pause to check fluid levels then resume pouring with no mess or spillage.
Use Two Hands to direct the fluid container

Winterizing Motorhomes and campers just got easier...

Our innovative design means that the Oil Buddy Pour Spouts can fit into those hard to reach spaces in Motorhomes and campers where refilling of fluids is necessary. Now you can use 2 hands to control the container and simply push down on the spout to start the flow of fluids.

How does it work....

With the innovative spring-loaded valve, you don't have to reach in to open or close the valve anymore. you simply direct the stem into the oil receiving hole, press down and squeeze the bottle a couple of times. When you pull back the empty bottle, the spring-loaded valve closes, eliminating oil from dripping onto the hot engine manifolds. This also eliminates getting your clothing dirty from leaning over the fender. Plus, no more dirty or scratched hands. Oil Buddy spouts also come with a built-in breaker tooth, to remove the seal on the containers. Of course, this only occurs in tight, hard to reach areas. However, with vehicles being made more compact than ever before, Oil Buddy's timing couldn't be better.


Even more benefits....

No more spilling fluids when winterizing the motor home or camper. Now that you have both hands free to control the jug, you can easily reach into these hard to get at holding tanks and tight places.
If you are a do-it-yourselfer and Saturday morning, you decide you're going to go into your garage and change your oil and top up your windshield wash, you will surely want to have an extra Oil Buddy 2 to use on your windshield washer fluid jug, to avoid spilling on your clean garage floor or yourself.
Oil Buddy Merchandisers 

Pour and Store Container: the built-in dipstick cleaner in the 3 in 1 Pour and Store Container makes it easy to quickly check your oil levels. Vehicles pulling up to the gas bar to top up their fluid levels now have the fluid spouts with them, stored neatly in thier vehicle engine compartment and ready to be used. Great for gas station attendants.

Click here to find out more about the Pour and Store Container or find out how you can use the Oil Buddy pour spouts as a promotional tool.