Oil Buddy 2

Oil Buddy II Fluid Spout for 4 Litre / 1 Gallon Fluid Containers

The Innovative Spring-Loaded On/Off Valve Automatically Opens and Closes the Spout - No Spills, No Mess!

Closed position prevents fluid from flowing when bottle is held upside-down. Open position allows fluid to flow when bottle is pushed down.

Innovative spring loaded valveInnovative spring loaded valve
Pour Spouts fit any size container

A Testimonial from a happy user...

One Saturday I saw my neighbour getting ready to change his oil on his pickup. He had 1 gallon containers of oil sitting on the ground. I walked across the street and gave him a 1 gallon Oil Buddy II to try out, later when I noticed he was finished I went over and asked him how he liked the new spout. He said he really liked the way he could stop pouring in order to check the oil level and then to resume pouring to top up the level. He also said he woud continue to use the Oil Buddy.

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