Oil Buddy For Promotion

Promotional Ideas

Oil Buddy Pour Spouts

The Oil Buddy family of products are great for promotion. For oil companies, gas bars and automotive accessory stores, the use of Oil Buddy as a promotional product can increase word of mouth advertising and customer loyalty.
Include an Oil Buddy free as an incentive for case lot sales of oil, antifreeze coolant or windshield wash. Your customers will appreciate the oil buddy benefits and remember where they obtained it.


Oil Buddy could become the best little sales tool an oil company could ask for. Oil Buddy could be offered in a case of oil as an incentive to build consumer loyalty and market share or attached to a gallon container of windshield wash or antifreeze coolant. Every time a customer tells a friend or relative about how they purchased a case of oil and got a free neat/innovative pour spout with it, word of mouth advertising will kick in.

Mass retail and automotive chains with case pack sales could offer an Oil Buddy spout in the case in addition to a mail-in coupon. Again, the objective is to win over your competitor's customers and build consumer loyalty to your brand. 
Private labeled, full colored stickers could easily be attached or included with the pour spouts and custom logo embossing on the spouts is available on large quantity orders.
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Promotion with the 3 in 1 Pour and Store Container

A Quick Lube or Jiffy Lube type of outlet could sell to their customers and install the Pour and Store container for free. They could offer a discount off their next oil change as an incentive. Also an oil manufacturer could offer a discount coupon in conjunction with the fast lube outlet.

The coupon could be used to purchase oil or windshield wash or coolant. The objective and goal is for these coupons to draw the recipient to their gas bar and potentially win over new customers.

Spout Mail-In Coupon

Mercury Marine made a comment that this was one of their best oil promotional campaigns ever!!

The coupon was hung on each bottle when a new brand of oil was introduced.

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